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Frequently asked questions

We have an FAQ list that we hope will help
We answer some of the more common questions.

1. What services does Jusmic IT Consulting and Services offer?

Jusmic IT Consulting and Services provides a range of IT consultancy and services as outlined in our pricing standard. These services include:

  • Application and Technical Support
  • Web Development
  • Data Management
  • Cloud and ERP Systems

2. How can I engage Jusmic IT Consulting and Services for additional services not covered in the standard pricing?

If you require additional services beyond our standard offerings, we can discuss and formalize these requirements in writing. Please contact our team to initiate this process.

3. How long does the agreement with Jusmic IT Consulting and Services last?

The duration of our service agreement is monthly based and commences on the Effective Date to continues until the completion of the services, unless terminated earlier as per the terms outlined in the agreement.

4. How are fees determined for the services provided?

The fees for our services are outlined in our pricing standard. Clients are required to pay the consultant fees as specified for the services rendered.

5. What happens if I need to terminate the agreement with Jusmic IT Consulting and Services?

Either party may terminate the agreement with written notice provided 30 days in advance. The termination process and any associated considerations will be outlined in the agreement.

6. Who owns the intellectual property developed during the provision of services?

Any intellectual property developed for a client during the provision of services is owned by the client. Jusmic IT Consulting and Services retains only a completion right for portfolio purposes.

7. What steps should be taken if there are changes or amendments to the agreement?

Any changes or amendments to the agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties. Please contact our team to discuss and formalize any necessary modifications.

8. What are the platforms used to provide support.

We use a large range of platforms and always consider the best ones that match our clients ability.

9. Live chat support

Based on the plan and agreement, we remain available for our clients on 24/7 hours per day basis.

10. Developer documentation

We always make sure that we provide an end-user documentation for each completed project start from scratch.

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